Artist's Statement - Fran Dellaporta

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     I have been drawing and painting for many years and have settled comfortably into Portraiture as my mainstay. It is a wonderful feeling to finish a painting and have the client be just as pleased with the piece as I am!

     My portraits are available in Graphite, Watercolor, and Colored Pencil. I also create welcome signs, stall signs and door signs in acrylic paint on wood. I can work from photographs, yours or mine; but, I require an Artists release to work from a Professional Photograph.

     I would love to paint a memory for you and your family!


                                                                              Fran Dellaporta 2009



Client Comments


Being an accomplished rider and driver allows Fran to see into the very soul of her subjects. She captures  individual personalities and beautifully transports them to the canvas. Her works are beyond compare.

Mary Ellen Payne
Foxwater Farm
Thomasville, Georgia